Meet Our Team



Brian not only owns the business he is a jack of all trades and can be found making the morning coffees. Helping out in the warehouse. Looking after clients, meeting suppliers and looking after indent orders. Best known by the staff for implementing the 9 day working fortnight.


Account Manager

Leanne has over 15 years experience with SEEIT. Her expert advice is valued by her clients and the SEEIT Team. A lovely lady who will walk over broken glass to make sure her clients are happy. 


Account Manager

Before joining the SEEIT Team Cathy worked in the textile industry. She was a quality control officer for 11 years inspecting factories throughout Asia. Now Cathy is a valued key account manager at SEEIT. Her product sourcing, indent orders and quality control is exceptional.


Account Manager

Tim has over 20 years in the print industry before joining the SEEIT team Always willing to go that extra mile for his clients and plenty of industry knowledge to boot.


Warehouse Manager

John keeps the SEEIT team in line and runs a very efficient warehouse. He has been seen chasing couriers up the road after they have left a parcel behind. Jolly John puts a smile on our faces with his larger than life personality. 



Georja is not your average financial controller. Everybody loves Georja. She is very approachable, super efficient and an awesome SEEIT team member.


Performance Specialist

ordan's technical know-how, skills and experience of advertising platforms is enlightening. Jordan is instrumental in our online marketing.


Business Strategic Manager

Damien has been our guiding light for many years. He has experience with all aspects of business. Damien not only contracts to Seeit, but works with other Australian and international business. If you need help with your business we highly recommend Damien. Email him if you want to take your business to the next level.



Office Cuties

Bindy the Burmese cat can be found lounging around the office and sleeping most of the time. Watch out when she wakes up! Milly the Cavoodle is always there to greet visitors.

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